YouTuber Lele Pons opens up about living with Tourette syndrome

In recent weeks, Lele Pons has definitely shown her fans a more vulnerable side. Since the debut of her YouTube series “The Secret Life of Lele Pons,” the former Vine star has revealed that her father is gay and that she struggles with “severe” obsessive-compulsive disorder.

In the most recent episode of her YouTube series, internet personality Lele Pons also shared that she has secretly been living with Tourette syndrome her entire life.

“I have been hiding my tics for years, but I’ve finally accepted that it’s [a part] of who I am,” Lele commented on the video.

According to the episode, Lele has become more reliant on her mother recently for things like cooking, cleaning and getting around.

“My mom does everything I should be doing for me,” Lele said. The YouTube star went on to explain that her dependence on her mom has a lot to do with her fear of doing things that make her uncomfortable.

“Everybody else is helping me do everything,” Lele shared. “My mom is doing everything for me right now. Every single time that I feel uncomfortable, or the feeling is too much where I’m uncomfortable, I actually start crying now.”

In the video, one of Lele’s therapists — Dr. Katia Moritz of the Neurobehavioral Institute — noted that Lele has become an expert at hiding her Tourette’s in her videos and public appearances.

“People that didn’t know she has tics would not notice them because she incorporates them in her movements,” Moritz explained. “Her snaps and her stretches look like part of her normal interactions when in reality they are tics. It makes it look like it’s just Lele being Lele.”

Now that Lele has opened up about her Tourette’s, she said she wants to focus on getting better and not letting the condition affect her as much as it does.

“I’m motivated to get better, I don’t want to continue like this.”

People were inspired by Lele’s vulnerability and willingness to open up about her condition.

“I’ve been diagnosed with Tourette’s (and other conditions too) when I was young, and I am still very embarrassed about my tics. Lele, thank you for creating this video, it is really inspiring to me to know I can be successful despite the hardships,” one person said.

“I didn’t even know that Lele had this many problems and she still share it with us… I respect her so much and I hope she will get better,” another user added.

“Im so glad she came out with this series because I’e been watching her for a while and have always seen her so happy but now we are able to see the other side of her smile,” a third person wrote. “Love u lele.”

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