YouTuber makes elaborate action-packed hamster mazes

Hamsters can make great small pets but they’re also quite a handful. 

The little furballs get bored and require physical activity to stay healthy and stress-free. In the wild, hamsters are explorers that run several miles a day. So as pets, things like hamster wheels and mazes can be your hamster’s best friend. 

DIY Hamster Maze is a YouTube channel and Instagram that’s totally devoted to creating scrappy but elaborate obstacle courses for the creator’s pet hamster. 

One Instagram video shows a gray hamster navigate a cardboard maze with holes, trapped doors, moving parts, tunnels, spinning wheels and even a conveyor belt. 

But one of the YouTuber’s most popular videos shows the critter tackle an even more intricate maze. This one had rotating doors and floors, fake axes, robot spiders, rope bridges and lots of good hiding places. Meanwhile, an actual claw hand chased it around.

The video racked up 26 million views on YouTube since July. 

“I love how the hamster walked over the spider like if it was nothing,” one person commented. 

“Aw, the hamster is so cute,” another said

“I need a life this epic,” someone wrote

According to the Hamster House, there are numerous benefits of hamster wheels and mazes. The rodents tend to gnaw on their cages less, female hamsters with wheels tend to give birth to more pups and reducing stress can help prevent related illnesses like Wet Tail. 

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