YouTuber offers $100,000 to the first person to solve the ‘world’s hardest riddle’

Think you’re pretty good at solving riddles? You stand a chance at winning $100,000.

YouTube star MrBeast, known for his attention-grabbing stunts, shared a video in which he announced a competition to solve the  “hardest riddle the internet has ever seen.”

He said he spent 100 days and $250,000 developing the riddle that would take hopeful challengers “all across the internet.”

“You’re gonna be watching hundreds of hours of YouTube videos, you’re gonna be doing a lot of crazy things,” he said, then smashed a vase and said that might have been a clue itself.

He then strolled through a hallway, showing off a bunch of framed posters as he spoke. At one point, someone drove a golf cart through a wall of LEGO bricks.

The video was confusing and chaotic, but that was the point. Anything could be a clue, and anything could be a distraction.

MrBeast explained that there are 10 links in the description of the video, but only one actually works — that will get you to the first step in solving the riddle. There are 26 total steps.

Fans began trying to solve the riddle immediately and confirmed that it’s definitely difficult.

“When you realize you’ve been scanning qr codes for 10 hours,” one YouTube commenter wrote.

“This has to be the most random Easter egg hunt ever,” another said.

As of July 31, just one day after the initial video was posted, someone had already solved the riddle.

MrBeast tweeted that he and his team were working to verify the results and will announce a winner soon.

“This thing was insanely hard but there were literally Discord groups with hundreds of people working on this. The riddle didn’t stand a chance,” he continued.

Since no winner has been officially announced yet, the competition hasn’t technically ended. Try to solve it yourself for a shot at $100,000 — or just for fun.

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