YouTuber tries to virtually land world’s biggest planes on world’s shortest runway

YouTuber Swiss001 is a fan of flight simulators. A perk of flying virtual planes is that you can see how real-world scenarios might play out without the collateral damage. 

One of the best examples of this is the vlogger’s hilarious video on what happens when you fly the largest planes on the world’s smallest runway. The 1,312-foot-long landing strip is on the Caribbean island Saba, a special municipality of the Netherlands with a population of around 2,000. Most people who travel to and from Saba use a helicopter. 

In the video, the flight simulator puts Swiss001 in the cockpit so that he is steering the virtual plane. At one point he tries to land a Boeing 737 Max on the tiny runway. The Boeing 737 Max is between 116 feet to 129 feet long, with a wingspan of 117 feet.

Things go smoothly at first, the plane gently hits lands — then it keeps going right into the ocean.

Next, he tries taking off from Saba. Here’s one thing to note: airplanes usually require a longer distance to take off than to land. So things did not work out great for Swiss001. He steers the plane and it actually ends up airborne before fully leaving the runway — the only issue is, he hits the tail of the aircraft on his way up. 

The Boeing 737 Max was just one of the planes he tried. He also used a Lockheed C-130, MD-80, Boeing 777 and a Boeing 747. All of the aircraft crashed into the water, caught fire or struck its tail or wings. 

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