YouTubers use real architecture, construction methods to make tiny creations

Studio Destto is an educational YouTube channel that teaches architectural and construction principles using miniature pieces. 

But even if you don’t plan on ever building a house from the ground up, Studio Destto’s videos are still worth a watch. Each one is a tutorial on a different aspect of the process, like how to make mini construction tools or how to do bricklaying to create a house foundation

Despite being done on a small scale, the vloggers use real construction methods. In the channel’s video on how to make concrete structural walls, the designers mixed concrete by hand, used standard metal rodding and bricks to show just laborious creating a plain, gray wall is. 

But no matter what Studio Destto is doing, the actions in the video, like pouring cement, stacking tiny bricks or constructing miniature furniture, are always oddly mesmerizing. 

The channel’s fifth video on how to build a modern house put architectural finishes on a tiny two-story home made of bricks. The designer created glass walls, sliding doors and windows with wooden frames. Additions like a roof terrace, garage and a grassy pathway around the perimeter of the home were installed.  

Studio Destto’s finished product looked like a luxury home with a brick facade, multiple bedrooms, floors, stairways and green spaces. Now, if only it were big enough for humans. 

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