Woman documents her life in remote Canadian town with only 90 residents: ‘It’s a privilege to live here’

Living off the grid has become increasingly popular post-pandemic, which is probably why one woman has been mesmerizing TikTok for a while now with stories from her quiet life in a remote Canadian community.

Hilary (@north_phase) lives within a small village inside Yukon, a sparsely populated territory of Canada known for its beautiful mountain ranges, gorgeous national parks and large wildlife population. Tourists also love the region’s near-perfect view of the Northern Lights.

But when it comes to people who actually live and stay within Yukon year-round, the population is just over 40,000. And within Hilary’s remote community, it’s even lower: According to the TikToker, she’s one of just 90 residents.

In many of her TikTok videos, Hilary takes her followers behind the scenes of her daily life, which is definitely slower than the usual hustle and bustle of big city life or even suburbia. She often has to travel five hours just to run errands, buy groceries and make other necessary appointments.


It’s always a busy day when I head to Whitehorse for appointments, errands, and groceries 🛒 #yukon #dayinmylife #vlog #fyp

♬ Lofi Vibes – Gentle State

But one thing’s for sure: Hilary absolutely loves her life in Yukon and wouldn’t have it any other way.

In one recent video, she made that point crystal clear when responding to someone’s assumptions about where she lives.

“The other day, someone asked me if where I live is as incredible as I say it is, or if I’m just over-compensating because there isn’t much here, aside from the views,” she says in the clip, before clarifying that those were “their words, not mine.”


This place is so much more than just views 🤍 #fyp #yukon #community #smalltown

♬ Lofi Vibes – Gentle State
Admittedly, she got defensive.

“I do my very best to be honest and authentic with my audience, but more so because this community has much more to offer than views alone,” the TikToker continued. “It is made up of incredible people from whom I learn so much.”

As Hilary goes on the explain, the Yukon community is home to the White River First Nation, who have lived on the very same land for thousands of years. It’s here that they “continue to foster their culture and language,” Hilary explains.

It’s also home to teachers, doctors, and tradespeople who maintain the roads, ensure community safety and tend to residents’ medical needs.

“This place has made me realize the amenities of a metropolis aren’t necessary and that instead, community is what matters,” the TikToker concludes. And, even if it may take hours to get the nearest grocery or convenience store, she insists that “It’s a privilege to live here,” and she has absolutely no regrets.

“Beautifully said!” one TikToker commented. “Most of us are missing out on this and I’m glad you are sharing it!”

“it looks wonderful,” said someone else.

“Yesss I feel this,” another person wrote.

Hilary regularly takes her followers along on her daily adventures, which often include outdoor activities like hiking, boating, camping and gardening. She also loves baking cozy treats at home.

As a result, Hilary spends a lot of quality time with her husband and their dog in peaceful and meditative surroundings.

“This place is so much more than just views,” she wrote in one of her post captions.

Judging by the comments she gets, her followers seem to agree.

“That’s my kinda life,” someone commented on one of her videos.

“Honestly, you are living my dream life,” said another. “One day, I hope!”

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