Pop-punk star Yungblud under fire for allegedly faking a guitar performance

A famous punk rocker was called out for faking a guitar performance. 

We’ve heard of singers lip-syncing on stage but rarely do we hear of musicians miming their instruments instead of playing them. On November 3, a Twitter user called out pop-punk rocker Yungblud for pretending to play his guitar at a concert. Then the artist defended himself. 

Who is Yungblud? 

Born Dominic Richard Harrison on Aug. 5, 1997, the singer-songwriter known as Yungblud hails from Doncaster, England. He attended Arts Educational Schools in London. He is known for the 2018 album 21st Century Liability and 2020’s Weird! which peaked at no. 1 on the U.K. Albums Charts and no. 75 on the U.S. Billboard 200. Yungblud’s music is influenced by rock, pop and hip-hop. 

Fan accuses Yungblud of faking a guitar performance 

Twitter user shared footage of Yungblud playing a guitar solo on stage. 

“Guitar’s not even plugged for f**** sake,” the person tweeted

Fans believed that Yungblud may have been miming playing the guitar because of the way he lifted the instrument over his head and tossed it around. 

“You are a bully who wants a little ounce of attention. Don’t include me in your b*******. This community’s about love. Go plant a tree and stop talking bollocks,” Yungblud responded in a series of tweets

Yungblud explained that the guitar was a wireless pack and that he was “playing the guitar riff which doubles the baseline of the song and the high guitar an octave down.” He said he would even send concerned fans the audio of his guitar track from the show. 

“P.S. even if I did want to mime I f****** could because I’m the one on stage, I’m the one doing the show and if you don’t like it, you simply don’t have to come,” Yungblud wrote. “Be proud to be yourself and celebrate individuality. Never spread hate. It’s so boring. Have a nice day.”

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