Former ‘Dance Moms’ star documents transition on TikTok

Right before the start of Pride Month, former Dance Moms star Zackery Torres announced to their 133,000 followers that they are transitioning.

“I’m transitioning!” Torres said in the TikTok. “That means I’m transgender, if you didn’t know. My pronouns are they/she — which means that ‘they’ or ‘she’ are totally fine.”

The 22-year-old also just graduated from the University of Southern California’s Glorya Kaufman School of Dance.

Their sophomore year, they came out as non-binary and in the summer of 2020, they published An Evolving Conversation on Gender: Dance Edition which they made to be a starting point for members of the dance community to organize around gender inclusivity.

Torres is also the founder and CEO of Continuum Community, a group that aims to provide community-oriented resources for gender inclusion.

“I’m so excited for you!” one fan commented on TikTok. “I can’t wait to watch more of your journey!”

That’s exactly what Torres has done in the last two weeks — document more of their journey.

“Let’s toss around some things that I didn’t realize and wasn’t told before my transition,” Torres narrated in another video. “My boobs hurt. Literally, I roll over on the bed, pop. I roll over on the dance floor, pop. It’s just like going through puberty twice.”

“Having to re-do your entire wardrobe,” Torres continued. “And do not get me started on the mood swings — I’m so sorry to my friends, mom, dad, everyone.”

“THE WARDROBE! An expense I didn’t even think of,” someone replied.

“Oh … the mood swings,” another added. “Such a pain!”

“Welcome to the club sweetheart,” one commenter joked.

In a 2020 interview with USC’s student newspaper, Torres talked about their experience as a young dancer and how it impacted their understanding of gender identity.

“I started seeing all of the expectations that teachers — well-known dance teachers, and well-known choreographers — had for me as a male dancer growing up and at the time identifying as a boy,” Torres said. “‘Oh, you’re too feminine, you need to dance like a man.’ Just having teachers tell you that on national television, all this stuff, it kind of really got to me.”

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