YouTuber drops $70,000 on world’s largest PlayStation 5

A YouTuber bought the world’s largest PlayStation 5 for $70,000 and gave it a brand new look.

Zachary “ZHC” Hsieh is an artist and content maker who is best known for his customized art projects. He recently bought a gargantuan PS5 that is 10 feet tall and weighs over 500 pounds, according to his video.

“Where do you find this stuff?” one commenter asked.

“Next video, I bought the world’s largest rocket ship and customized it,” another joked.

“Is this PS5 real???” another user asked.

Unless there’s secretly a regular PS5 hiding inside there, the giant PS5 is indeed real. ZHC proved it by turning it on and playing Minecraft on it with his team.

He then spent 100 hours decorating the console while facing off against his team in an art contest. ZHC took the left side while his team took the right. Whoever did the best would win over two dozen PS5s, with one going to the winner and the rest being donated to children in need.

Credit: ZHC, YouTube

But if ZHC lost, he had to give away the PS5 to a random person.

Obviously, a five-on-one match-up isn’t very fair. To even the odds, ZHC’s team had to deal with random challenges such as getting slimed and painting on each other during the contest.

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An hour into the competition, ZHC shouted out Mateo, a young subscriber who was celebrating the two year anniversary of a successful bone transplant. The team gifted him with a customized PS5, which Mateo enthusiastically said he’d be playing Minecraft on.

“Mateo also has a lot of medical bills that need to be paid so I think we’re gonna put aside some money to help him pay for that,” ZHC said in his video.

Perhaps the most shocking thing about all of this was that ZHC never grew up with consoles. In fact, the world’s biggest PS5 is the first console that ZHC has ever owned.

“Fun fact: I actually never owned a gaming console before because my parents would never let me have one,” ZHC explained in his video. “So I guess I have a giant one and 50 more PlayStations right now. But I guess I’m giving them all away so I’m still left with none.”

So how did it all end? ZHC invited three judges to decide the winner: TikTok influencer Michael Le, photographer Jordan Matter and Jules, one of ZHC’s subscribers.

ZHC’s team came strong with an eclectic nautical theme with a couple of Easter eggs tucked in, such as ZHC’s house tucked into the center.

Credit: YouTube

ZHC chose a space theme for his side with some Pokémon balls thrown in for good measure.

Credit: YouTube

So who won the contest? Well, it was a very close call. The judges award ZHC’s team 27 points but thanks to Michael Le’s vote, ZHC won a razor-thin victory at 28 points.

However, it was a happy ending for everyone involved. Michael Le volunteered as tribute to get doused with paint along with the losing team and ZHC ended up giving everyone on his team a PS5 anyway.

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