More than 30,000 Amazon shoppers love this luxurious silk pillowcase for better hair and skin — and it’s actually affordable

If you wake up with frizzy, dry hair and sleep lines on your face, your standard cotton pillowcase could be to blame. That’s why over 30,000 Amazon shoppers have upgraded to this luxurious silk pillowcase.

In this case, luxury doesn’t cost a lot. The ZIMASILK pillowcase is only $25.99 for a standard size on Amazon.

ZIMASILK 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, $22.09 (Orig. $25.99)

Credit: Amazon

If you’re wondering why a silk pillowcase is better than a cotton one, it all comes down to how each fabric absorbs moisture. Cotton absorbs moisture from your hair and skin. However, silk or even satin almost repels moisture, so your natural oils and even the skin care products you apply before bed stay put. In turn, you wake up with more hydrated hair and skin.

Additionally, silk and satin fabrics provide a smoother surface, so there’s less friction if you tend to move around a lot as you sleep. Many hairstylists recommend sleeping with one if you’re trying to maintain a hairstyle, from braids to blowouts.

That said, some silk pillowcases can cost as much as $85 or more. That’s probably why the $26.99 ZIMASILK Silk Pillowcase is a particular favorite, in addition to its beauty benefits.

Even at this low price, it still feels luxurious because it is. It’s real, 100% Mulberry silk, which is the highest-grade 6A organic silk, according to the product description. It also has a hidden zipper closure, so it stays put on your pillow.

All I can say is wow!” wrote an Amazon reviewer. “I will never use a ‘normal’ pillowcase again! My hair is tangle-free and my skin does not have my usual creases in the morning.”

“I never knew that a pillowcase would make such a big difference in my life,” wrote another reviewer. “I used to wake up with crazy bed head and now I wake up and my hair is smooth and soft, even if I go to bed with damp hair. I just comb it and it is fine in the morning. My facial skin has also benefited tremendously from this new pillowcase. My skin isn’t as dry as it was before. It is definitely worth the investment.”

Love these pillowcases,” wrote another. “Great for my 4C hair and great for my skin. I’ve purchased four of them and will continue to purchase. Love! love! love! 💕”

If you don’t think a pillowcase can make a big difference in your life, try it. Get this silk one, and you may realize you can’t sleep without it.

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