Mom’s easy Ziploc sensory bag is a high chair game-changer: ‘Omg I want to make this for myself’

This is one baby hack parents aren’t going to want to miss, because it’s totally changing the high chair game!

In fact, it’s such a great idea, even TikTokers without kids are bookmarking the video for their future little ones.


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Kate Bast (@thebastfamily) is a content creator and mom to a 7-month-old baby girl.

Best known for her “mini human hacks,” this mom is no stranger to her videos going viral — and this Ziploc sensory bag idea is no exception!

In her TikTok video, Kate demonstrates that all you need is a large plastic bag, some confetti and water, and some tape — and you’ll have a baby-captivating sensory bag that will make high chair woes a thing of the past.

‘Forget babies! I wanna play with one!’

This cheap, easy, and effective baby hack has parents everywhere hitting the “like” button on Kate’s video. Viewed over 100k times, it’s clear this hack is a fan favorite.

“I did this! I didn’t have plastic confetti but I had pretty beads. It’s so helpful when I’m preparing his meals!” said one user.

“All these cool ideas come out when my kids are way passed this age! Maybe I’ll take their phone away and give them a bag of water and confetti,” wrote another.

But it’s not just parents — or babies — who love this idea. “Making this for myself because I’m a sad 23 year old,” said one user. Another wrote, “Saving this for the baby that I do not have.”

Other users had some ideas for how to improve Kate’s sensory bag.

“You can also use hair gel or aloe vera gel. Not as runny and lasts longer. Used a lot in my classroom!” said one user.

“You could also use thermal laminating pouches and seal it with a hair straightener!” said another.

“It’s a fantastic idea, but maybe skip the plastic glitter and use a more sustainable option?” suggested one eco-friendly user.

So whether you have a baby, or just want to pretend to be one for a day, this sensory bag is an easy DIY hack with rave reviews!

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