Here’s what we know about the Zoey 101 reboot

The “Zoey 101” cast has been sparking rumors of a possible reboot for months now, and fans desperately want it to be true.

The show ended in May 2008 after news broke that the star, then-16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears, was pregnant. Spears said in a now-deleted Instagram post that her teen mom status wasn’t the reason for the show’s demise, though — she claims her contract ended.

For the most part, the loose ends were tied at the end of the show, but that didn’t keep fans from wondering what happened to their favorite seaside boarding school students.

According to TMZ, Spears is in talks with Nickelodeon about a potential reboot. Here’s what we know about it so far.

Where did we leave the Pacific Coast Academy gang?

The final episode of “Zoey 101” was a delightful walk down memory lane, but the one before that is where all the action happened.

With prom on the horizon, Zoey splits from her longtime boyfriend James (Austin Butler). At the dance, heartthrob Logan (Matthew Underwood) and quirky nerd Quinn (Erin Sanders) finally make their relationship public and Chase (Sean Flynn) finally confesses his true feelings for Zoey before the two share a kiss. Alternative drama kid Lola (Victoria Justice) and football star Vince (Brando Eaton) also attend the dance. All is well … but how long did that last?

Creator Dan Schneider released a video in 2015 in which Chase discovered what his childhood crush Zoey said about him in a tape she put in a time capsule all the way back in Season 2. He was in the middle of proposing to another woman when he got the word from Michael (Christopher Massey) about the tape, so it’s clear he and Zoey had broken up by then.

In the clip, Chase admitted he was in love with Zoey (and always had been) after it was revealed that 10 years ago, Zoey thought he might be her soulmate.

The short video ended quite abruptly, so there’s no wonder fans are thirsty for more information.

What would the ‘Zoey 101’ reboot be about?

According to TMZ, the show would follow Zoey 10 years after the end of the original show, but nothing has been confirmed. Yet.

The old cast teamed up with new stars to reboot the theme song.

On Oct. 28, the cast of “Zoey 101” reunited to remix the show’s original theme song.

It was criticized for including a number of Gen Z stars, such as Dixie D’Amelio, Noah Beck and Chantel Jeffries.

For instance, in a short clip at the beginning, JoJo Siwa and Sofia Reyes audition for a role as “the new Zoey” alongside Spears’ own daughter, Maddie. Fans weren’t having it.

“WHAT THE HELL AM I WATCHING?!?! Get the old show back not this, not with Tiktokers yikess,” one user wrote.

“Why is my childhood being ruined. Jamie Lynn don’t encourage this plz,” another said.

Paul Butcher has been sharing TikToks of cast members together.

The actor, who played Zoey’s little brother Dustin on the show, has become a bit of a heartthrob and TikTok star in the years since the show ended. Recently, he’s been reuniting with many of his former cast members, which has fans wondering if a reunion could truly be in the works.

“See you next year,” he wrote in the caption of an Oct. 7 video with most of the major cast members in it, hinting that 2021 might be a big year for “Zoey 101” fans.


See you next year 😘 (@mattdunderwood @seanrioflynn @chrismassey @ms_kris__ and Erin❤️)

♬ original sound – itsbaeily

The cast also reunited in July 2019, so they could still reunite for a ‘Zoey 101’ reboot.

Most of the original cast showed up for a reunion last summer. Chris Massey, Sean Flynn, Victoria Justice, Matt Underwood, Abby Wilde, Paul Butcher, Jack Salvatore and Erin Sanders were all at the reunion with creator Dan Schneider.

Spears was away shooting a “new show” in Atlanta, according to Schneider’s Instagram caption from the reunion, but the cast sent their well wishes.

We’re excited to see the gang back together in any form, regardless.

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