A college student’s prank turned their class Zoom call into a wild costume party

A college student is being praised for their commitment to an “incredible” Zoom call prank.

The student, who appears to be in law school, seems to be completely unfazed by the shift to virtual classes. In fact, they’re seizing the opportunity — by dressing up exactly like their professor.

TikTok user @nattycastro shared the prank in a video, which has since drawn tens of thousands of views. In her clip, she explains that one of her classmates has been “dressing up a little more” like their professor during each subsequent Zoom call.

First, @nattycastro shows her professor, clad in a full suit and bowtie. Then, she flips her screen over to her classmate, who is sitting stoically with her hair slicked back — and of course, the same outfit.


Someone give this girl an award ##zoomchallenge ##zoomuniversity

♬ original sound – Natalia

The prankster even managed to organize the books and furniture in their background so it completely matched their professor’s.

It’s unclear if the professor caught onto the stunt, as he appears clueless in the video. Other classmates, meanwhile, seem generally amused by the matching outfits.

TikTok users had a similar reaction, with many praising the “amazing” commitment to the bit.

“Give this girl an award,” one user wrote.

“She said, ‘I am the professor now,'” another joked.

“Like does anyone say anything? Does he notice?” another asked.

The matching outfits prank is just the latest example of how students are making the most of the Zoom call version of their classes.

In October, a group of students tricked their professor with a haunting, Halloween-themed prank. Meanwhile, a viral trend over the summer led to students staging fake kidnappings to get out of class.

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