Stepdad can’t contain his joy when 20-year-old daughter wins state title for track and field

You only need to scroll through Star Price’s TikTok feed for a few seconds to see she’s a dedicated track and field runner. The 20-year-old Virginia Tech student often posts clips of her running at various tournaments and indoor meets. But one of her recent videos is getting some major love for showing just how stoked her stepdad was when she won a state title.

The original TikTok is only six seconds long and kind of hard to see, but it’s been taking off in a big way.

“When your biological dad was barely in your life, but this was your stepdad,” Price wrote in the video caption.

Then, as she crosses the finish line, you can see what appears to be a man in the distance, wearing a blue shirt and running alongside the fence that separates the track from the fans. Once he makes it closer to her, the man begins jumping up and down with intense joy and excitement.

The whole thing may be brief, but it’s pretty heartwarming.

“His lil jump was so wholesome,” wrote one TikToker in the comments.

“I could just cry,” said someone else. “I love this.”

“So cute and so genuine,” added another person.

Other commenters applauded this man for being the father that Price clearly needed growing up.

“That’s not a stepdad, that’s a DAD,” wrote one user. 

“The dad that stepped up!” corrected someone else.

In response to someone else, Price later shared the full video of what happened, and this time, it became even clearer how excited her stepdad truly was.

In this one, we see Price cross the finish line from another angle, raising her arms in the air in victory. Seconds later, her stepdad appears in the distance, wearing a blue shirt and dockers — absolutely losing it over her win.

Price seems to know just how awesomely supportive her stepdad is, but that didn’t stop some TikTokers from reminding her how special that is.

“Be nice to him,” urged one person. “I made the mistake of treating my stepdad like less, but he did everything for me. Now I’m 23 and I wish I hadn’t taken him for granted.”

“Fatherhood doesn’t take DNA,” wrote someone else. “It takes love.”

(We’re not crying; you’re crying.)

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