Hilarious TikTok captures baby trying to breastfeed from dad when mom’s away at work

Viewers can’t stop laughing over this TikTok video of a baby attempting to breastfeed with her father when her mom was away at work.  

TikToker Muhsin Cason (@themuslimboxer) is a parent and professional boxer who posts various clips of his family, boxing career, and the occasional TikTok challenge. In one of Cason’s videos, his young daughter, Lulu, gets confused as to why she’s unable to breastfeed with him, and viewers can’t stop cracking jokes over the innocent misunderstanding. 

The clip captioned, “When you forget Mommy is at work,” opens with a shot of Lulu sitting on her dad’s lap while he lays shirtless in bed. 

After catching a glimpse of her father’s pecs, Lulu faceplants into his chest, hoping to obtain some breastmilk

Lulu comes back up for air after her first attempt proves unsuccessful and lets out a giggle as if to say, “Something’s not working.” 

The camera pans back and forth between Cason’s amused and bewildered expression and his adorable daughter’s determined venture for breastmilk

Not ready to give up, the curious baby starts poking around her father’s chest, compelling Cason to break the news that he doesn’t produce milk. 

Upon hearing this bombshell, Lulu looks at her father with disbelief and disappointment before the video comes to a close. 

Viewers took to the comments to join in on the fun and crack some jokes. 

“That’s funny. She looks so disappointed at you,” one user noted. 

Gas station is closed. Kindly take an exit and find another station,” joked one TikToker. 

“The look she gave you at the end [like] ‘What did you just say?’” another viewer mentioned. 

“I couldn’t stop laughing. My daughter did this to daddy, too, while [I was] on a business trip,” shared one parent. 

During her feeding endeavor, Lulu may have had the wrong parent for the job, but overall she had the right idea.

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