Boyfriend books month-long solo trip while girlfriend is still in school: ‘She feels like I abandoned her’

A man is wondering if he should have gone on vacation for a month while his girlfriend is in school.

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. His live-in girlfriend is very committed to her studies. Whenever school is active, she has little time for much else, including him. 

“This year she is back in the classroom for her classes. We have had time for one meal since September,” he wrote

He went to New Zealand to visit friends for 27 days because he didn’t think he would have any time with her. 

“She sent me a scathing email today saying that she feels like I abandoned her,” he explained. “We hadn’t had a conversation for four days when I decided to take a vacation.” 

Her defense was that she was too busy with school to see him, which was precisely his defense. 

“She lives with me. I am not asking her for anything while she is in school. In fact I am paying for her college,” he added

Redditors didn’t buy the girlfriend’s excuses. 

“Yea there is no way she’s not using him. No one is THAT busy with school,” a user wrote

“Your girlfriend is so checked out you hadn’t had a conversation in 4 days?” another commented

“She’s doing her thing, and you support her. She should reciprocate and let you do your thing,” a Redditor said

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