Brothers patiently share cup of ice cream in adorable TikTok: ‘You are raising little gentlemen’

This TikTok parent recorded the sweetest video of her 5-year-old and 2-year-old patiently sharing a bowl of ice cream with each other!

Learning to share can be tough for young kids. That’s why TikToker and parent Ashlyn Ross’ (@ashlyn_ross) recent video of her two young sons sharing a bowl of ice cream is so remarkable! In the video, Ashlyn’s 5-year-old son, Briggs, and 2-year-old son Cove, politely wait their turn to take bites from a bowl of ice cream, and patiently share with one another!

The video begins with Briggs and Cove sitting together at a table in a restaurant. Ashlyn films from across the table as Cove dips a spoon into a bowl of cotton candy flavored Dippin’ Dots. A caption reads, “Have you ever seen a more patient 2-year-old?”

As Cove takes a bite of ice cream, his older brother, Briggs, watches him eat. The 5-year-old bounces up and down in his seat a bit in excitement. The 5-year-old is clearly impatient to try the ice cream, but is exercising self-restraint. “Cotton candy ice cream? Oh, man,” Briggs says as he waits for his turn to take a bite. 

“What about it?” Ashlyn replies. 

“That means it’s good!” Briggs tells his mom

After a few bites, Cove hands the ice cream over to Briggs, who immediately digs in. “I get two bites, you get two bites,” Briggs tells his younger brother. 

Watching his big brother eat, Cove experiences a moment of impatience. “My turn!” the toddler tells his brother. 

“We each get two bites, okay?” Briggs replies. 

“Okay,” Cove replies. 

Briggs then takes a second bite, and as promised, passes the ice cream back to his patient younger sibling

 Viewers applauded the adorably patient siblings!

“I love the sharing and the sweetness in this video,” one viewer wrote. 

“That ‘my turn’ was too cute!” another viewer commented. 

 “Momma, you are raising little gentlemen,” wrote another TikToker. 

Sharing isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to ice cream, but Briggs and Cove did a great job! 

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